Contribution Policy

An Appeal

Dear Friends, we are grateful to response that we have received to our reports. One of our objectives, beyond exposing the propaganda networks, is to make people in India (and elsewhere) aware about the menace of fake news/ propaganda/ DisInfo; and how badly it affects the society at large.

As part of increasing awareness, we would be releasing case studies documenting how social media is being weaponized by vested interests to target the fabric of society or for Geo-political objectives. These case studies would be under licensing rules of ‘Wiki Commons’, and would be free to use for anyone for education, training and distribution purposes in any form.

As with everyone and every Sector, we have also been facing unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic, and are trying to stay afloat. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult with all kind of obstacles. We have been affected at both personal and professional levels, and hence we need some support for us to sustain this difficult times. We are seeking contribution in two forms:-

So far we have been working on this project as an interest and a collective responsibility. However, we did not realize that the fake news industry and disinformation machinery would be of this massive scale. Given the extent and severity of the situation, we are getting pulled-in more and more, which is also affecting our day-job, which earns us our bread and butter. We realize that if there is a basic sustenance achieved in this field, we could dedicate ourselves full-time in this endeavor and could do more justice. In this regard, we request to kindly contribute to us. (We have been waiting for the formal registration to get account details etc, but given the slow process and Covid disruptions, we would seek your help through online channels – details are as follows).

Content Contribution

As the DisInfo networks are massive, we need more helping hands to help dismantle the fake news industry. We had initially tried seeking contribution, some of which worked and some did not.  Therefore, we have come up with set of do’s and don’ts to demarcate the kind of content that we would be willing to entertain. Following some of the basic rules, which are not exhaustive but mainly indicative:

Contractual /Collaborative Efforts

In addition to providing leads/ content, we are also looking forward to collaboration in the following areas:

Conditions for being a content partner: 


Attributions: The contents inputs/submissions would be prerogative of DisInfo Lab and would be used and publicized as per or editorial decisions. The entity submitting these reports should not have and would not have any claim over the content.

Full-fledged Reports: If there is a comprehensive report mapping full network with publicly available and independently verifiable evidences, we would  publish the report giving credit to the person/entity contributed the report provided at least 50% of the final report has been published using the content.