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We at DisInfo Lab are not a fact-checking website but put our interest in closely monitoring the misinformation taking rounds in South Asia with no ulterior agenda of demeaning any nation/individual. While we appreciate the contribution from others for our website, we also ensure the process to be seamless. Here are some of the questions that may come about before working with us as a contributor:

DisInfo Lab is a group of individuals who feed on data & research with the aim of cleaning the information space. We are not a subsidiary company or conglomerate with any other organization. Any relevance found with any other organization is strictly coincidental and we are not liable for any similarity.

We cover stories mostly revolving around South Asia, emerging from the external nations. We are always on our feet in tracking any fake news or conspiracies that may lead to detrimental repercussions. We would expect someone who has interest in International affairs and not just that of national one.

We offer full credit to the curator of the story who contributes for our website. While you enjoy the credit for the story published on our platform, we will have the right to edit/remove your content in the future in case of any complaints over irrelevant/compromised content.

You agree that any copyright or right derived from works created by you in your contributed story shall be the right of the DisInfo Lab solely and endlessly, and you shall not claim for any right.

Our team consists of passionate people who put in their 100 percent when it comes to research and story publishing. Hence, we make sure to give a righteous payout to our story contributors as per the industry standards. The payout will be negotiable depending on the nature of the story.

If you have a story that is legitimate and serves our purpose, but not complete due to lack of tools and man-power, we openly welcome you with our assistance. We will help you out in completing the story with our research tools and publish it on our platform with the due credit.

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